Budnar's museum house

Budnar's museum house

Budnar's museum house is a unique life museum of our ancestors with its hundreds of years old tradition of maintaining the image of old farm houses and a simple way of life in the village. Smoke kitchen with open fireplace, from which it is still smoking, farmers ''house'' are just some of the features that characterize the farm.

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Welcome home!

Budnar’s museum house is open every Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm till 5 pm or upon prior arrangement

Allow us to accompany you to the house and in our society experience shooting the lives of our grandmothers and grandfathers.

The Budnars museum house


Matjaž Jug
GSM: 031 226 763

E-mail: nbukb{Aepnbdjkb/dpn

How to find us

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Programs for groups

Organized groups have prepared a special combined (see + Culinary) Programs.

Budnar's cold snack

Home snacks for all the groups that you want to upgrade your trip to visit old Slovenian home on the slopes of Ljubljana basin.

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Bread baking with lunch

This program is for groups who would like the management tried to play an active part in the time sokruh baked in a smoke kitchen.

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Culinary tasting of the Slovene food - Slovene dinner

Slovenian dinner is a main feature and is intended for small groups of between 10 and 20 people who want the peace to try delicacies of Budnar's house (slow food).

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Special programs for tourists agencies

Life museum – Budnar's museum house is an ideal offer for your touristic programs. We offer you a varied cuisine and a young experienced team that you meet even the most demanding desire.

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