Smoke kitchen

Budnarjeva domačija

The smoke kitchen is the oldest place in the house. You enter it through a simple chestnut arch. Even today it is filled with smoke and the walls and ceiling are covered with pitch. The fireplace is connected with the oven in the living room. By the fireplace there are tools and appliances for baking and cooking. Under the stone vault there are round sticks where sausages and meat are smoked in the winter. An integral part of the fireplace is also an built-in cauldron where the food for farm animals was cooked. The main source of light was through a dimmed window or an open door.


Budnarjeva domačija

The center of the house is the room called »hiša« where the family ate, did its daily work and slept. In this room people were born, fed and died, and in the cold winter days performed different farm and household jobs. The interior with its modest furnishing is typical for a traditional Slovene peasant home. The first thing we see is the maple table under the small windows under the God's corner. Behind the door is the oven with a wooden bench around it where we can keep warm in the winter time. Next to the oven is »mentrga«, a special table for kneading dough and storing legumes. The floor in the house is wooden, as are the walls, which are plastered and whitened.

The farm area

Budnarjeva domačija

The basement is made of stone, the walls are not plastered and every room has an outdoor entrance. The smallest room is called »kevder« and was meant for storing root and tuber crops, the other a bit larger was »listnjak« and the third one was »ovčjak«. Later a floored barn was added. Today the rooms are slightly adjusted to the museum. The barn is a modern exhibition area where every month photographic and other exhibitions are held, and the »listnjak« was turned into a toilette.

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