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Budnarjeva domačija

The Budnar’s house is a unique living museum depicting the lives of our ancestors. The renovated house, which was declared a historic monument, is owned by the municipality of Kamnik, and was named after its last owner, Cveto Budnar. The small partly stone partly wooden house leans against the hillside so that the »gank« (porch) with its southern side is always in the sunshine. The house represents a stretched home of a middle peasant in those days. At first, the house had only two rooms; a room called »hiša« (house) and a doorway with a smoke kitchen, later a small room called »kamra« was added, so that the living quarters and the farm are under the same roof.

Today the house is a living museum which preserves a more than one hundred year old tradition of old farm houses and the simple peasant life. The smoke kitchen with its open fireplace still smoking, farmhouse parlor or a living room called “hiša” with maple table and the traditional small house altar in the dining corner, a wooden bench around the table, a traditional bed, a special table for kneading dough, are only some of the interesting things that give this house a special meaning.

Allow us to show you around the house and experience a moment from the lives of our grandparents.

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