Programs for groups

Budnarjeva domačija

The Budnar’s homestead is a living museum which tries to bring the visitor back into the times when smoke was an everyday thing and cabbage and potatoes were the most common meal. For organized groups we have prepared special combination programs (tour + culinary experience). During your visit of the house you can bake bread, make an Advent wreath, toys made of straw, seminars about the Slovene heritage and Slovene slow food.

You can choose from:

Budnar’s cold snack
A homemade snack for all those who wish to make your trip more interesting by visiting an old Slovene homestead on the edge of Ljubljana basin. More...

Bread baking with lunch
This program is ideal for groups who would aside the guided tour like to experience the time when bread was baked in the smoke kitchen. More...

Culinary tasting of the Slovene food – Slovene dinner
The Slovene dinner is our biggest specialty and appropriate for smaller groups of 10 to 20 people who would like to taste the delicacies of Budnar’s house (slow food). More...

When visiting the Budnar’s house you could also take a look at the other sights in the direct vicinity (town Kamnik, Ljubljana, Velika planina, Arboretum Volčji Potok, natural healing grove Tunjice, thermal resort Snovik, Kamniška Bistrica, Logarska Valley…).

To organize a program covering the above mentioned sights you can contact the Agency for the development of tourism and entrepreneurship Kamnik.

Welcome to the Budnar’s museum house, where it always smells of home.

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